LEARN HOW TO DIVE: We offer three day scuba diving certification with a choice of NAUI, PADI and CMAS courses.

Open Water / Scuba Diver Course

This is the first level required to acquire your license. This course introduces you to the basic skills needed to become an open water diver. Upon completing the course, you have a chance to dive up to 12 feet under the sea. With the basic knowledge provided and through proper training, you’ll be on your way to become a certified diver.

Advance Open Water Diver / Scuba Diver Course

For those who have fallen into the spell that holds all who have experienced the underwater world, the Advanced Open Water Diver course further hones your diving skills allowing you to safely and confidently go up to 30 meters deep. This opens doors to a wider range of dive sites and to see a wider array of underwater life.

Through this course, you may find a variety of activities and interrelated skills that create adventure, fun and recreation such as underwater photography, wreck and night dives.

Emergency First Response

Learn how to save people in an emergency situation. This level is a prerequisite in order to become a Rescue diver.

Take this course and learn how you can be there for others when they are in need.

Rescue Diver Course

In this level, you will apply what you have learned in the previous levels. The Rescue Diver Course enables you to know how to prevent others from drowning and rescue drowned victims.

Learn how to competently handle panicked divers and give assistance to fellow divers. This is also a prerequisite for entering the Dive Master level.

Dive Master Course

The Dive Master level is the first professional level which qualifies you to introduce other hopeful divers to the world of Diving through Dive Tours and Fun Dives. The course provides life changing career opportunities. Become a professional now and gain in your hands the power to change lives through diving.

Assistant Instructor Course (For CMAS Only)

The CMAS Assistant Instructor course is designed to teach current three or four star divers the knowledge required to assist active instructors or teach independently introductory courses. The Assistant Instructor course is actually an Internship program and can be completed within 90-180 days. The candidate will be able to log a great amount of dives preparing him for the Instructor course.

Instructor Course (For CMAS Only)

The entry level to the CMAS Instructor program for experienced Three Star Divers. An individual who has a knowledge of the techniques of diving instruction and is competent in the instructional skills necessary to teach both the academic and practical skills to conduct, qualify, and certify students in a CMAS One Star and Two Star Diver Course


  1. Must hold a 3 Star Diver or equivalent Certificate.
  2. Must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Must have a minimum of 100 logged and verified dives beyond those required for Three Star Diver.